All of the images on the blog (unless they are accredited to another person, business, website or blog) are created for "Sneakers Jeans & Tees" (the Website) and are copyrighted.  If any personally created images from the Website are reproduced, forwarded or used by third parties, they must be clearly credited or linked back to Sneakers Jeans & Tees as the original source.  Reproduction of any of the Website images for monetary purposes is strictly prohibited.  

Press or commercial enquiries please email sneakersjeansandtees@gmail.com.   

In the Website all effort is taken to credit original sources.  At times this is difficult to ascertain. If at any time, you are the owner of an image used that is uncredited, or if you wish for it to be removed from the Website content, please contact sneakersjeansandtees@gmail.com.   

Sponsored posts, gifts and samples policy

In the event that sponsored posts, gifts or samples are featured on the Website, this will clearly be indicated.   

Blog post integrity   

Brands and affiliates do not determine or influence content.  The Website is a true reflection of my personal style throughout the years, what I like and recommend from personal experience.

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