New Balance M998LL 'Pool Blue' Sneakers

One of the all time great general releases from New Balance , the M 998LL 'Pool Bl ue' sneak ers.  Ne...

One of the all time great general releases from New Balance, the M998LL 'Pool Blue' sneakers.  New Balance nailed these on all levels and that classic shape is just too good.

When I find something that appeals to me in a classic sense especially when it is a pair of sneakers, it is often the clean nature of the colours and design which I am taken with.  I guess the 'less is more' philosophy really resonates with the way I look at things as I become immersed in the sneaker culture.  These New Balance M998LL 'Pool Blue' sneakers exemplify simplicity, but also with stand out attention to the craftsmanship, construction, materials and colour combinations on show.  

Whilst we may call this simplicity, the beauty of it is, what appears simple to us has taken many years of hard work and dedication to achieve.  Making something look simple almost effortless, requires years of experience and excellence acquired from application to a trade.  This is something I can relate to on my photographic journey, which will doubtless span my lifetime.  There is something hugely rewarding about working hard at something throughout your life to become the absolute best you can, whatever level you may achieve.  In the fast food world we live in, where a lot of things are based around instant gratification, we should cling on to these life long pursuits and celebrate them.

In summation then I can heap no more praise on these 'Pool Blue' 998s than to say they would make my top 10 New Balance 998 and would potentially make it on to my top 10 New Balance of all timeWe all know though that requires some serious thought and a bigger conversation!  Let's save that for another time before the battle lines are drawn.

Photo Credit:  Tom Cunningham

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